Quality Inside™

Carbon-free homes need more attention to detail

Learn more about our building envelope, systems, insulation, and more. Feel good about your home by knowing exactly what’s in your walls.


What’s Inside is What Counts

When you buy a new Highstreet home, you’re buying quality.

Quality finishes should mean more than quartz countertops and high-end cabinetry. To Highstreet, Quality Inside™ means everything is engineered to bring you comfort, pride, and no carbon emissions.

You simply can’t compare quality on the surface with Quality Inside™, or you’re just comparing apples with oranges… and mimosas just aren’t the same with apple juice.


Building Envelope

Building a Carbon-Free Home™ means we invest in insulation, windows, and preventing air leaks in the building envelope. We go above and beyond in insulation, building well above building code minimum. For example, while most builders achieve the minimum insulation value of R-40, your roof will have a value of R-60. The windows you’ll own are triple pane windows, which offer better sound protection when there’s noise outside your window.



Airtightness is important in keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient. The exterior walls are sealed with special tape and an exterior airtight layer, using a lot of attention to detail. All these efforts mean your air change rate is less than one per hour, whereas there is no requirement for building code minimum condos. All of this means it takes less energy to heat and cool your home. Way less. Up to 75% less than a building code minimum building. Ask the other guys how much they invest in the building envelope.


Flood Protection

Your new home is equipped with a flood detection system to avoid floods in your building that automatically shuts the water off to your home when it detects a leak. Floods are a big problem in condos, and you can be confident that Highstreet invests hundreds of thousands per community to help protect your home.


Water Savings

We install low-flow water fixtures in your home to reduce overall water consumption… but don’t worry, this won’t affect the precious water pressure that we all want! What that means to you as a Highstreet homeowner is that you get all of those sweet water savings.


Energy-Saving Appliances

Sure, the kitchen appliances are stainless steel. Did you know they are also energy-efficient and Energy Star? For example, our typical dryer and dishwasher each use 20% less energy than average. You get the idea. They look nice and cost you less to run. These are potential savings that are passed directly onto you.


Less Noise

Your new home will have best-in-class sound attenuation for wood-frame apartments. Our party walls (the walls that are between each home) have a design Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 64. Building code minimum is 50. The STC is a rating of how well the building partition (your wall) reduces airborne sound. Our design STC of 64 typically gets us an actual result of 60. This is a significant difference: a STC of 50 will result in loud voices being heard and other loud sounds. At our built rating of 60, most sounds will not be heard, and you get to live peacefully in your own home.

In summary – while it’s called a party wall, it doesn’t have to actually sound like a party.


Cleaner Air

We approach sustainable building holistically, which means we also focus on ventilation and air quality. For those with allergies, benefits can be significant. An air-tight home reduces drafts, cold spots, and temperature changes from room to room. A well-ventilated home removes allergens. That means you’ll have healthier air to breathe and less dust to clean.


Solar and Lighting

We blanket the roof of our buildings with solar panels and cover the common area utilities of the buildings on an annual basis with solar. Additionally, all our interior and exterior common-area lighting is LED and has been for years. We even have LED in the parkade. In addition, you’ll have sensors in place to turn lighting on when needed in the common areas. All of this investment by Highstreet provides clean, locally-produced power, and will reduce your strata fees.


Electric Car Chargers

Electric cars are the future of driving, and we’re here for that. We want to support the energy-conscious driver with the ability to charge their vehicle at home. That’s why our communities feature Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in the parkades. It’s just one more piece of future-proofing our homes.

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