Sky Gate is a previous Highstreet project in Langford.

Completed in 2023, Sky Gate has 225 energy efficient, BUILT GREEN® platinum certified condos, plus 2 guest suites. At the time of being built, Sky Gate was built to be 74% more energy efficient than BC Building code requirements, featuring Energy Star rated appliances, low flow bathroom fixtures, and high-efficiency mechanical systems.

All About Sky Gate

Sky Gate is a previous Highstreet project with 225 condos in Langford.

Sky Gate is located in Langford, on the west shore of Vancouver Island just 20 minutes from Victoria. This net-zero energy ready building is comprised of one- and two-bedroom homes built to Energy Step Code 4, the province’s highest energy efficiency standard.

Features include triple pane windows, 9 foot ceilings, solar panels, modern LED lighting, quartz countertops, soft close cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances.


Highstreet has been nothing short of amazing. They are great to work with! (Highstreet) has been wonderful, ensuring that any issues I have are addressed in a timely and professional manner... would buy again from Highstreet in a heartbeat!

If we do get a place on the Island, I’d definitely be looking at Highstreet properties based on my experience with the condo here.

It is without dispute, in my opinion, that Highstreet is an exceptional,
competent and innovative developer... I have found Highstreet to be helpful and responsive in resolving issues and concerns at all junctures, pre, during and post-development.


We’ve been developing quality homes since 2005, and we aren’t new to energy efficiency in our buildings. In that time, we have developed and built over 1,200 Built Green registered homes. In fact, your home has been built to Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code, demonstrating excellence in energy efficiency, meaning it is designed and built to be 75% more efficient than the Building Code minimum.

Are You Worried About…

Climate Change?

Highstreet builds Carbon-Free Homes™, which reduces your own carbon footprint every single day. We have designed and built your apartments and condos to eliminate the need for carbon to be burnt. Today, we have minimized the amount of energy required, allowing us to eliminate the need for gas for heating. The Carbon-free Home™ uses 75% less energy than a Building Code minimum building, and only uses clean electricity for all your energy needs. These homes of the future are carbon-free today and have the potential to fully offset energy consumption in the future as solar electricity technology improves.

For more details, check out the details on our main site.


Your home will come with Quality Inside™.  Carbon-free homes need far more attention to detail, especially in the building envelope, construction method, and materials. Feel good about knowing exactly what is in your walls:

  • Building envelope: we invest in insulation, windows, and preventing air leaks in the building envelope.
  • Airtightness and Cleaner Air: airtightness is important in keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient. The exterior walls are sealed with special tape and an exterior airtight layer, using a lot of attention to detail, which means it takes less energy to heat and cool your home and better air quality for health.
  • Flood Protection: Your new home is equipped with a flood detection system to avoid floods in your building that automatically shuts the water off to your home when it detects a leak.
  • Water and Energy Savings: low-flow and Energy Star appliances mean potential savings for you!
  • Less Noise: Your new home will have best-in-class sound attenuation for wood-frame apartments. At a built rating of 60 STC, most sounds will not be heard, and you get to live peacefully in your own home.


Double down on your peace of mind with double the timeframes on warranty:

  • 2 year materials and labour
  • 4 year electrical and plumbing systems
  • 10 year building envelope
  • 20 year building structure warranty

Change Your Life

Choose Highstreet and make the move into a home where you love where you live. Let all that additional stress associated with purchasing a home melt away and become a climate hero.

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