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Happy Earth Day everyone!


Did you know we have an in-house Sustainability Analyst to help us on our path to net-zero apartments? Here are some of Jay’s quick tips. Small changes really can make all the difference:

1. Consider alternative transportation like biking.

2. Turn off the lights when you leave a space.

3. Aim to decrease shower times.

4. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient LED’s.

5. Get outside to enjoy this beautiful planet!

Through our ongoing commitment to doing what is right, Highstreet has quickly become a local leader in sustainability and energy efficiency. In recent years we have proven that we can build homes and communities that rival some of the healthiest in the world, without sacrificing condo quality finishes and amenities, for attainable incremental costs.

Curious about Highstreet’s environmental promise? Check it out here:

Sincerely, your local energy and sustainability nerds.