Double Warranty

Double down on your peace of mind

Highstreet homes come with an extended warranty, double the industry standard. We’re fully committed to fixing things for you.


What is Double Warranty?

New construction goes by a certain industry standard.

In Canada, the standard warranty on any new construction is called 1-2-5-10. That translates to 1 year warranty on materials and labour, 2 years warranty on electrical and plumbing systems, 5 years warranty on building envelope, and 10 years warranty on structural defects.

You can put your mind at ease when you purchase a Highstreet Carbon-Free Home™, as Highstreet will automatically extend your warranty with our own resources. That’s where Double Warranty comes in- instead of the standard, you get a full 2-4-10-20 warranty, meaning you will be covered for:

  • 2 years for materials and labour
  • 4 years for electrical and plumbing systems
  • 10 years for building envelope
  • 20 years for building structure

What exactly am I getting?

Materials and Labour

2 Years

Any defects in materials and labour

Electrical and plumbing systems

4 Years

Defects in materials, labour, and design for electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning delivery and distribution systems. Also includes defects in materials, labour, and design supplied for the exterior cladding, caulking, windows, and doors that may lead to detachment or material damage to your new home

Building Envelope

10 Years

Defects in the building envelope, including defects which permits unintended water penetration such that it causes, or is likely to cause, material damage to your new home

Building Structure

20 Years

Defects in materials and labour that results in the failure of a load-bearing part of your new home.

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