Carbon-Free Home™

A better home for the planet

We minimize energy consumption through better technology, airtightness, and additional insulation, and we don’t burn any carbon for heating or hot water, making your home carbon-free.


What is a Carbon-Free Home™?

Residential homes are major emitters of carbon globally.

For Canadian homes, most of the carbon emissions come from heating and hot water. Lowering carbon emissions on all fronts means slowing the effects of global warming, which has all sorts of benefits – improved public health, better food security, reducing avoidable natural disasters… we could go on, but it all equates to happier people and a healthier planet.

Highstreet has designed and built your apartments and condos to eliminate the need for carbon to be burnt. We have minimized the amount of energy required, allowing us to eliminate the need for gas for heating. We use 75% less energy than a Building Code minimum building, and only use clean electricity for all your energy needs. These homes of the future are carbon-free today and have the potential to fully offset energy consumption in the future as solar electricity technology improves.

How Does My Home Help Climate Change?

Living in a Carbon-Free Home™ reduces your own carbon footprint every single day. Highstreet has environmentally-advanced practices that go above and beyond building code, which means your home was created for the future.

In a Highstreet home, you breathe easier – both figuratively and literally.

Learn more about how Highstreet makes your home carbon-free!

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