Building Momentum

Communities Opened

  • Sky Gate in Langford, BC
  • Lakeview Terrace in Nanaimo, BC
  • Aspen View in Comox, BC



Selling Carbon-Free Condos

Communities Opened

  • Aurora in Comox, BC
  • Skaha Shores in Penticton, BC
  • Carrington View in West Kelowna, BC



85 Employees
612 Condos
3467 Rentals
1 Hotel


43 Employees
612 Condos
2885 Rentals
1 Hotel

Our First Built Green Community Opens

Communities Opened

  • Riverwalk Centre in Courtenay, BC
  • Carrington Ridge in West Kelowna, BC
  • Mission Flats in Kelowna, BC


38 Employees
564 Condos
2572 Rentals
1 Hotel

Building Responsibly

Communities Opened

  • Crystallina in Edmonton, AB
  • Riverstone in Courtenay, BC
  • McCall Landing in Calgary, AB



32 Employees
548 Condos
2052 Rentals
1 Hotel

Vision Takes Shape

Communities Opened

  • Willowbrook in Grande Prairie, AB
  • Chappelle in Edmonton, AB


  • Highstreet Wins Small Business Award | Watch Video
  • Decided to start a construction division
  • Created a board of advisors
  • Started property managing our own apartments again in Calgary,  Grande Prairie, and Dawson Creek
  • Set a vision for being industry leading in energy efficiency
  • HighRd values solidified


23 Employees
349 Condos
1868 Rentals
1 Hotel

Back To BC

Communities Opened

  • Emerald Hills in Sherwood Park, AB
  • Vanier Woods in Red Deer, AB
  • Heritage Valley in Edmonton, AB


  • Turned attention to BC and tied up land in Kelowna
  • Sold portfolio of operating apartments to Skyline, including King’s Heights, Brintnell, and half of Upper Montney, exiting the property  management business (temporarily)


14 Employees
349 Condos
956 Rentals
1 Hotel

The Alberta Disadvantage

Communities Opened

  • Upper Montney Phase 3 in Dawson Creek, BC
  • Brintnell in Edmonton, AB
  • Heritage Landing in Fort McMurray, AB


  • Property managed 352 apartments
  • Met Skyline in September


14 Employees
253 Condos
748 Rentals
1 Hotel

The Alberta Advantage

Communities Opened

  • Belvedere in Edmonton, AB
  • Sunset Valley in Edmonton, AB
  • Niven Heights Phase 2 in Yellowknife, NWT
  • King’s Heights in Airdrie, AB


  • Leased up Sunset Valley prior to occupancy
  • Wrote down first iteration of Highstreet Values
  • First foray into managing rental apartments with Sunset Valley
  • Started construction on Emerald Hills in Sherwood Park, AB
  • Started construction in Fort McMurray, AB


13 Employees
253 Condos
332 Rentals
1 Hotel

Turning To Alberta

Communities Opened

  • Copper Sky Phase 2 in Yellowknife, NWT
  • Niven Heights Phase 1 in Yellowknife, NWT
  • Northridge Village in St. Albert, AB


  • Started construction on second phase of Upper Montney in Dawson Creek in May
  • Leased up Northridge Village prior to occupancy
  • Last phase of last project in Yellowknife started in August
  • Started Belvedere, an affordable housing project
  • First project started with solar – King’s Heights in Airdrie
  • Bought land in Fort McMurray, AB


7 Employees
189 Condos
144 Rentals
1 Hotel

Gaining Speed…

Communities Opened

  • Crescent Heights in Dawson Creek, BC
  • Copper Sky Phase 1 in Yellowknife, NWT


  • Tied up land and started permitting Sunset Valley in Edmonton in the spring
  • Construction started on Northridge Village in St. Albert in June
  • Started construction on Sunset Valley in December
  • Construction started on Niven Heights in July
  • Tied up land for affordable housing project with Province of Alberta


3 Employees
87 Condos
48 Rentals
1 Hotel

This Better Work!


  • Sold out first phase of Copper Sky in one weekend in June
  • Started construction in July on Copper Sky in Yellowknife, NWT the first Energuide 80 multifamily project in Northwest Territories
  • Rezoning of property in St. Albert started
  • Opened first phase of Upper Montney in Dawson Creek in December


1 Employee
45 Condos
48 Rentals
1 Hotel

Northern Exposure

Communities Opened

  • Holiday Inn (hotel) in Courtenay, BC


  • Tied up land in Dawson Creek and Yellowknife
  • Made offers on land in Greater Edmonton
  • Sold the Holiday Inn Express- the only hotel sale in BC in 2009


0 Employees
45 Condos
45 Rentals
1 Hotel

We Need A New Plan!


  • Construction starts on Holiday Inn Express in Courtenay, BC. Triple pane windows, heat pump HVAC, and a rainwater re-use system are features
  • Riverstone is cancelled in September 2008
  • Deep dive into rental apartment analysis


2 Employees
45 Condos

The Tide(s) Comes In

Communities Opened


  • Permitting starts on Holiday Inn Express in Courtenay, BC
  • Permitting starts on Riverstone in Courtenay, BC


Let’s Get to Work!


  • The Tides first phase sells out in 8 hours
  • Construction starts in July on The Tides


The Very Beginning


  • Permitting starts on The Tides condo project in Courtenay, BC
  • Scott and Melissa flip a house in Coldstream, BC and rezone a property in Vernon and sell it for income