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We are proud to announce that OHAE selected Neo as a Silver Winner in the Excellence in Environmental Initiative (Residential or Commercial) category!

OHAE 2020 Silver Winner Logo
At Neo, our condo owners experience healthy, modern living by providing them with progressive BUILT GREEN® platinum design, energy performance 53% better than construction code, and a 54kW solar array providing energy to power common areas. The base of the design is an upgraded R25 building envelope, coupled with high-efficiency mechanical systems, decentralized ventilation systems with energy recovery, and water efficient fixtures to minimize resource consumption. The buildings go beyond high-efficiency, taking measures to preserve natural resources, reduce pollution, extend the life of materials, and provide community members with enhanced ventilation and indoor air quality.
Taking a holistic approach to building, there is a focus on comfort and liveability for community members, making healthy sustainable living available to people that might not otherwise be able to afford a premium home.
In addition to a ‘greener’ home, these design factors lead to a healthier respiratory and immune systems; a well-ventilated home removes allergens, so you have healthier air to breathe and less dust to clean. For those with allergies, benefits can be significant.